Fearless Futures

UK Fire Training is proud to be a member of the Martin James Network. Our network is formed from a variety of organisations from charities to leading-edge technology brands. It consists of Antser, Martin James Group, The TalkOut Group and our charity group, The Martin James Foundation. We range from start-ups to well-established brands that have been in business for over 15 years. UK Fire Training sits within the Martin James Group. We deliver an empowered approach for our colleagues, customers and wider communities that is designed to improve human experience and connection. We strive to continually learn and adapt, this builds our resilience and consistently improves our impact. One of the central planks to the network is the concept of Fearless Futures.

Fearless Futures is an interesting concept that can and has been interpreted in many different ways which is understandable given the diverse nature of the businesses, 1,200 colleagues worldwide and huge numbers of customers, clients and service users. At UK Fire Training we tend to take a very practical approach to Fearless Futures. Through our training programmes we ensure that 20,000 delegates a year are prepared in the event of very scary and dangerous situation – a fire in their workplace or home. One of the best ways to be fearless is to actually be prepared. So those who are well trained know how to react in the event of a fire which reduces the risk that they will be frozen by fear and will mean they can get themselves, colleagues and visitors to safety.

The courses we offer have to contain theory and legislative information. This is particularly true of our Fire Marshal training as this is mandatory training required by law and your insurance provider. Using serving and retired firefighters to deliver training designed and developed by fire safety experts with significant experience in training delivery and learning theories means that essential knowledge transfer is memorable, impactful and fun. The best way to be prepared and fearless is to practice the more practical elements of fire safety which is why most of our customers opt to add the live fire experience to their training. This is using fire extinguishers to put out a real but controlled fire. Using a fire extinguisher for the first time is an emergency situation is not the ideal scenario but if delegates have had the opportunity to practice in a safe environment have less fear. In the past live fire has not been possible for some of our customers so NEW in 2021 is our Virtual Reality (VR) solution. Delegates will be able to use a real extinguisher to tackle a fire in the virtual world using a headset. This truly immersive approach to fire safety training will help lead to Fearless Futures.

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