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As well as the key Fire Safety training courses UK Fire Training have become the UK’s leading experts in tailored fire safety courses. Many of the courses below can be tailored to the activities carried out by your organisation and by the fire risks associated with these activities.

Our tutors will use their experience and knowledge of years of service with the fire brigade to tailor examples and scenario’s relevant to their audience. All of the below courses are delivered on clients premises.

If you would like to know more about how we can assist you with any of these courses then speak to one of our expert Training Consultants who will be happy to assist.

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Other Fire Safety Training courses include;


Bomb Threat / Suspicious Package Training

  • A half-day course aimed at ensuring delegates know what to do in the event of a suspicious package is received, marauding weapons attack, bomb threat or actual bomb emergency


Fire Risk Assessment Training

  • 2-day course aimed at employees who have the responsibility for carrying out regular fire risk assessments at their place of work. The course gives delegates a detailed overview of why fire risk assessments are so crucial, what should be included and how to conduct.


Fire Drill Training

  • A half-day course targeted at those employees who have fire drill and evacuation responsibilities and will equip delegates with the skills to effectively run successful fire drills and evacuations.


Hotworks Fire Safety Training

  • A half-day training course aimed at staff involved with hotworks activities such as cutting, welding and grinding that may give rise to a fire risk and who may need to operate a fire extinguisher.


PEEPs Training

  • The Personal Emergency Escape Plan (PEEPs) training course is designed for staff who need to understand and complete PEEPs forms at work for anyone with difficulties exiting the premises in an emergency.
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