Dishwasher Fire Injures Family

A family treated at hospital after a dishwasher last week. A fire which started in a dishwasher at a house in North Wales in the middle of the night left a mother and her children needing hospital treatment.

North Wales Fire Brigade were called to the house on Sealand Avenue in the Garden City area, just before 01:00 on Wednesday night. The four children in the house, aged between 15 years and 9 months, and their 42-year-old mother were treated for smoke inhalation but were not seriously hurt.

The fire was shown to have been caused by an electrical fault within the dishwasher. The whole property suffered from smoke damage. The fire service said the family were lucky to get out alive and they were aided by operational smoke alarms.

Many fire hazards are everyday items, like dishwashers, and can be found in both the home and the workplace. In order to prevent disaster regular checks should be carried out, and certain precautions taken. In the workplace fire safety courses should be mandatory for all employees and additional specialist training should be organised for those who have extra responsibilities. Please see the fire training courses we offer at UK Fire Training for details.

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