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Fire Risk Assessment Training

Duration: 2-3 days (day 3 would allow the trainer to return to the client to review delegate's assessments)

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Group Size: Maximum of 10 delegates


The legal requirement for a fire risk assessment was introduced in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, replacing the previous requirement for a fire certificate. A written record of each fire risk assessment performed must be kept for any business which employs more than five people.

Our fire risk assessment training course is aimed at companies who have appointed one or more members of staff to carry out the regular fire risk assessment at their place of work. An up-to-date, accurate and detailed fire risk assessment is the single most effective aid in preventing fires in the workplace. Once fire hazards have been correctly identified measures can be taken to either mitigate them or remove them entirely.

Providing fire training to designated staff members is an effective way to reduce the potential for a fire event. Furthermore if a fire were to break out in the workplace the recent completion of a fire risk assessment helps ensure the safe evacuation of all staff. For workplaces which have not assigned this responsibility to a member of staff we offer a full fire risk assessment service in which we both perform the fire risk assessment and discuss any areas of weakness with you.

Fire Risk Assessment Course Content

The topics covered throughout the fire risk assessment training include:

  • Current and future fire legislative requirements
  • Fire safety responsibilities
  • Identifying fire hazards
  • Identifying people at risk
  • Practical fire risk assessments / strategic approach / practical application
  • Best practice fire prevention
  • Reducing and removing fire risks
  • Record keeping
  • Review process
  • Fire awareness training to complement fire risk assessment
  • Training requirements for staff

The aim of fire risk assessment training is to develop the candidate's abilities in both fire awareness and risk identification, and to give them the knowledge they need to fulfill the administrative and legal requirements associated with performing a fire risk assessment. After completing this course candidates will be able to interpret and apply the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 in their own working environments and complete a fire risk assessment.

Fire Risk Assessment Training Outcome

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