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Fire Drill Training Course

Duration: 3.5 hours

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Group Size: Maximum of 12 delegates

Our fire evacuation training course is designed for members of staff who have fire drill and evacuation responsibilities in the workplace. The course aims give employees the knowledge and understanding they’ll need to effectively run fire drills and organise evacuations. Staff will also learn how they can improve their company’s fire drill and evacuation practices for the better.



Fire Drill Training Course Content

The fire evacuation training course covers the following topics:

  • Legal requirements and company policy issues
  • Fire risk assessments and their relevance to fire drills
  • The purpose of fire drills and planned evacuations
  • Company evacuation procedures including personal emergency evacuation plans
  • Fire drill best practices
  • Emergency planning
  • Post fire drill evaluation
  • Fire drill records and record keeping
  • Optional practical fire drill exercise

Running a Fire Drill

When buildings have more than one escape route, an evacuation procedure needs to consider which exits are accessible and which aren’t. In order to ensure that all staff are evacuated safely, fire marshals should block all exits that are inaccessible and encourage people to evacuate through those exits which have been declared clear.

Fire Alarm Best Practices

It’s important that all employees are aware when a fire drill will take place. Information should be circulated beforehand and staff should be made aware of their obligation to be involved. Unexpected fire drills aren’t normally recommended for safety reasons. Some best practices include:

  • Appointing people to observe the drill with the purpose of feeding back outcomes
  • Checking whether or not work equipment can be safely left running or unattended
  • Informing the alarm monitoring company if the system directly linked to the fire service
  • Notifying all visitors and members of the public who are onsite about the fire drill
  • Ask an employee to set off the alarm by operating the nearest alarm call point using a test key or similar device

Evacuation Fire Training Outcome

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